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    Create, Share & Earn

    What you Get by Enrolling

    In addition to the tools offered by dōTERRA, comes with these great features for increasing your chances for success.

    A Community

    We are not just creating amazing websites, we are creating a community of people that can have fun working together.

    Video Tutorials

    Wordpress is a powerful tool, but takes time to learn. Our video tutorials will help you along the way.


    If you’re building a business with us we want to help you succeed. 50-100PV enrolled members will receive additional templates geared towards essential oils, direct support optimizing your website and more.


    Updates to themes and plug-ins can easily break your site, we do our best to prevent this by first adding, then testing and lastly updating them on our staging site before integrating them to the main site.

    Mobile Responsive

    We offer themes and templates that work on every device, all on an amazing open source platform, Wordpress.


    Everyone is special. Our hope is that can be a place to have fun, be creative and bring out that unique “YOU.”

    Get Recognized

    Create great content, a fantastic website, or help out answering questions in the forum and we will feature it on our main site. This will help generate more traffic to your site and give you an extra boost.


    Additional Questions Can Be Found, Or Asked, On The Community Forum Page Here

    Why Use

    Most platforms advertise to you, or use your content to advertise to others. With you can be the one advertising with your content.
    – What web hosting provider do you know that pays you?

    What Is PV?

    PV stands for Personal Volume. Each dōTERRA product has been assigned a value of PV. When you purchase dōTERRA products, your PV increases.

    Does My Website Have To Be About Essential Oils?

    No, your website can be whatever you want it to be. Do you love pictures and want to create a website about photography? What about cooking do you like to cook and would love to share your great ideas and thoughts, or have a small business and would like to create a website? All of these are possible, offers the ability to take what you love and combined it with a product that we know everyone will love and build something as a team.

    How Do I Make Money Through markets dōTERRA Products, to be eligible for compensation by dōTERRA you must first be on either the 50PV or 100PV Plans. In addition a $35 enrollment fee must be paid to dōTERRA, which is good for the entire year and can be applied to the cost of an enrollment kit if you choose. The $35 Enrollment Fee also qualifies you to purchase any additional products offered by dōTERRA at the wholesale price. As you reach people through your site and they choose to purchase products you receive a commission. dōTERRA’s full compensation plan can be found here.

    Is The Free Plan Really Free?

    Yes, You can purchase dōTERRA’s membership through to receive products at their discounted wholesale price if you like, but it is not required. If you are on the free plan and do wish to create an account with doTERRA, with as your enroller, any purchases made will go to support this website, the community, us and dōTERRA.